Prime Product Manufacturing is one of South Africa's leading contract manufacturing and packaging businesses. Focusing on the personal care, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance segments

The Current Shareholders of Prime are:

Commercial Director: Mr. M D Rigby

Qualifications: National Diploma in Engineering, National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management diploma.

Business Experience: Quality engineering, General manager, Industrial relations, Production and assembling management, Quality control, Start-up 16 years ago and growing Prime Product Manufacturing into a Prime company.

Equipment and Technical Design Director: Mr. J A A Basson

Qualifications: N3 Applied science, Trade diploma Tool & Jig making, Allen Management Action Program and Industrial Relations Structures course.

Business Experience: Toolmaker, Instrument maker, Lecturing, Production, Assembly Process Engineering, Project leadership, Factory management, Start-up 16 years ago and growing Prime Product Manufacturing into a Prime company.

R & D Director: Mrs. S C Steyn

Qualifications: B.Sc. Physical Science, Honors Chemistry, National Diploma in Production management and Cosmetic Science Diploma.

Business Experience: Quality control, Production management, Research and Development and Training.

Non-Executive Director: Mr. Quentin Jarvis.

The company also has a non-executive director and partner in the UK. The R & D department works closely with him on high tech developments and new European materials whenever specialization is required.

We believe in and practices the principle of “Together we are better” and “None of us is as smart as all of us”. Each team (Department) commit themselves to the team charter Model:  

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